I Need to Get Smart About Life {Part 1}

You know what I just realized this gloomy Saturday morning? It’s sooo easy to remain in mess. It’s so easy to just leave it there. To sit there dreaming about doing something different but then not doing it. It’s just easier to complain and it’s easier to see the changes everyone else, or even yourself, […]

I’m A Lazy Bastard

Ya got that right! I was just here thinking, well not really, on the road driving through some old neighborhoods and…..thinking. But not BLIND no people you don’t think BLIND when you’re driving on the ROAD!!!!!!! lol But I was thinking about work and having one, trying to find one, loving one and then hating it, getting […]

Maybe We Need More Bad Guys…

I was at work, standing in the store at 6 in the morning marrying sensor sticks to sensor pins by the grace of a mens crew neck shirt thinking about this. It’s the new year, so the store is getting strict with everyone’s work ethic. I guess it’s their “New Years Resolution” or something. But […]