I Need to Get Smart About Life {Part 2}

I’ve been thinking alot about what I wanna do and it always includes traveling somewhere and being in good health. I’m starting to even wonder if it would just be better for me to have a simplistic lifestyle right now. Downgrade the phone, downgrade the needs, I mean personally, I don’t mind it. But where […]

I Need to Get Smart About Life {Part 1}

You know what I just realized this gloomy Saturday morning? It’s sooo easy to remain in mess. It’s so easy to just leave it there. To sit there dreaming about doing something different but then not doing it. It’s just easier to complain and it’s easier to see the changes everyone else, or even yourself, […]

We Need Sidewalk Polices!

Okay! I’ve had it with these doggone pedestrians! They are some TRIFLING individuals, now I SEE why people don’t mind runnin some of ya’ll over! My specific annoying little tick are the people who, obviously think sidewalks are for the…. weaker folk. The ones who wanna get bold enough to walk on the curb of the road or […]

I Just Want To Be SANE

Is that okay with everyone? Why is it that every time I manage to get myself into a peaceful state of mind (which isn’t very OFTEN mind you) someone SOMEWHERE just has to come and TAKE IT OVER!?!?!! Okay, I was in a fairly good disposition today. Not awesome, not ecstatic, not over-the-top overjoyed floating […]

People Who Suck The System

I haven’t really been keeping up on the whole ObamaCare thing (or really anything for that matter lol) but what I hear about it, a lot of people seem really upset. Yeah it seems great for the under-privileged, but it seems like it’s taking more from the people who work hard for their benefits. The […]